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Sunglasses are a must in every one’s collection especially in Singapore’s tropical climate. Statementmuse sunglasses are chic, affordable at $12.90 each and are of fantastic quality.  Statementmuse brings in self-designed and self-manufactured accessories for those who want to make a fashion statement!

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Offering a wide range of cute artistic items like fairy lights, badges, pompom on a stick and rose petals! Popular among girls who love to DIY, who love to make their room look like a tumblr room! These items will also surely add colours to your room, making it stand out from the usual dull room that you used to have. 

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SIMPLY FAB, an easy-wear every-day fashion brand suitable for all women. Offering a wide range of necklaces, bracelets and rings that are perfect on whatever outfit you have on! Their mission is to help Singaporean women look Simply Fabulous every day. 

Tick in Torque

The ticking movement of a clock.
A moment in time.

"Each watch tells its own story from the past, and awaits what the future holds for them."

The brainchild of 2 girls that brings happiness to people through the rarest vintage. 
Hand-picked with love, both of them hope that their timepieces will be your dose of happiness. 

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Perfetti is perfect for ladies who are femine, who love pretty dainty accessories! Offering a wide range of pretty necklaces, rings and earrings that would match your outfit, be it going out on a date with your love ones or hanging out with friends! 

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Set up by 2 girls with 1 dream. Ochre is a women’s wear fashion apparel targeted to ladies who embrace fashion. Mix and match to flaunt your own individual style! From singles, tops, bottoms, outers to accessories ‘Ochre’ wish to give every woman a chance to always look their best.

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Introducing one of the most natural source of beauty rituals, ORYSPA Rice Bran Products reveal the centuries old secret unparallelled Asian beauty with all-natural extract from bran, the outer layer of rice kernel, that promotes flawless complexion.  You can find Oryspa travel kit, home spa, face/body/hair products at Space Invasion exclusively.

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“Just like how the name sounds, it portrays a soft and elegant look. It is a label who wants to hold onto the simplicty of life.”  Chiffon differentiates themselves from their competitors by focusing on their display of products. Chiffon’s accessories are laid out on lace fabric and their display shelf is adorned with girly things like ribbons and pearls. 

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Sick of gun handle mugs, camera lens cup and other mass produced products? 

Wult brings in items that brings back valuable memories, items that are worth collecting which have actual investment value and gifts that serves a purpose and also they are all in limited quantity!

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Fashion Hooks 

Sketched in Mid 2008 by Cynthia Luvs, Fashion Hooks (FH) is an online store based in Singapore that offers a big variety of apparels at affordable prices. Be it casual or formal, sweet or cool, vintage or bold, FH carry all sorts of different styles available for work, school, date or just a hit-the-town shopping trip with friends.

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Popular local blogshop Ellysage has joined Space Invasion! From jumpers to rompers to party dresses, Ellysage has it all. This brand brings in only the newest, most stylish and the most popular clothing items amongst teens.

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Lala Land

Created by two ladies who have a passion for shopping, Lala Land is one of the newest labels in Space Invasion. Lala Land’s clothes are on trend, stylish and caters to ladies of every age group. Priced affordably, it is no surprise that their clothing are selling out quick. If you have a passion for fashion, this is the brand for you!

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Leren provides a range of affordable and fashionable outfits. From tops, to skirt, and dresses, Leren is able to cater to all ladies out there, and suitable for all occasions! 



Founded since Jan 2010, Wonderstellar believe in retail therapy for all girls who live and breathe fashion. They am to curate confident girls with their stylish, quirky and one-of-a-kind fashion picks.

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Vivi iStore

Offering affordable and fashionable outfits for teenagers and young adults! Not only do they sell apparels, but also bags that you will surely like! 



Just like its name, OOTDZ offers apparels that you will make you want to take an #ootd and upload on instagram to share with your friends and love ones! You can rely on #OOTDZ to offer affordable and fashionabl apparels. 

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Perfetti is a team of dedicated fashion devotees who are here to bring all women fun and inclusive fashion with real attitude. Their team of fashion buyers are constantly shopping for you: they travel worldwide to stock up on the freshest of fashion so that you can enjoy the latest must-haves with friendly price-tags. Every piece is unique and made of durable, high quality material.

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Providing fashionable apparels for ladies who seek to be trendy and a fashion forwarder. LBR is your one stop fashion fix, with dresses, tops, rompers to skirts. 

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