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Lavotre (pronounced Lah-Vo-Tray) signifies "for you" in French. 

Thus complimenting their belief that every time piece chooses its owner. 
Their commitment is in producing watches that are incessant, and suitable for everyday's #ootd.

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Holly Molly

It started jewellery making as a hobby, but it has grown to become more like a passion! Holly Molly love to show you the gems that they've created, so do take a look around and may you find something that catches your eye! :)

For business enquiries/customizations/bulk order, do email them at

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Here at Pastlanes you can find the lowest priced quality camera accessories that will enhance your favorite hobby - Photography. They also expanded their range of products to include gifts for your loved ones.

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Chainless Brain

Chainless Brain is founded in 2006 and focuses on crafting accessories, the brand started out with passion from simple do-it-yourself concept and to 
today's experimental and quirky designs. Every piece is painstakingly handmade and materials are sourced from all over the world. We hope to create a story behind every designs we create. In our designs, we hope our accessories convey characteristic and attitude of oneself. 

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Space Hollow


Sunglasses are a must in every one’s collection especially in Singapore’s tropical climate. Statementmuse sunglasses are chic, affordable at $12.90 each and are of fantastic quality.  Statementmuse brings in self-designed and self-manufactured accessories for those who want to make a fashion statement!

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THREEONETWOFIVE is a local independent jewellery label that features handmade designs and inspired by the wonders of the Earth. The meaning behind the brand refers to Proverbs 31:25 - "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come." is our muse, to always design for a cause.

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13rushes (thirteen-rushes) is Singapore’s leading online beauty brand. Most notably known for their incredibly soft handcrafted synthetic brushes, 13rushes is committed to making the best in cruelty-free brushes accessible and relatable to women. Innovation is at the core of 13rushes’ strategy. By working with beauty experts and end-users, 13rushes creates tailored beauty tools to meet beauty aspirations of women from all walks of life

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A Beautiful Moment

If you’re looking for cheap rings and earrings, A Beautiful Moment is your best choice. A Beautiful Moment has no lack of quirky rings, dazzling earrings and dainty little necklaces.  Don’t forget to check out the range of scarves of clutches too!


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Shop 6by6

Founded by popular teen blogger, Marxmae, 6by6 brings you a range of apparels, footwear and accessories for both sexes. 6by6 means unfamiliar, rare, strange and yet marvelous. True to its brand name, 6by6 products are unique, edgy and fabulous.

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Popular local blogshop Ellysage has finally joined Space Invasion on board! From jumpers to rompers to party dresses, Ellysage has it all. This brand brings in only the newest, most stylish and the most popular clothing items amongst teens.

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Handled and run by Erica, local teen blogger, TIG3RLILYX products cater to ladies of all ages and have clothing suited for all events. This brand strives to bring extreme comfort in their apparels without losing the chic factor!

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Ninth Store 

Ninth Store is a comprehensive online destination for fashion-forward girls. Ninth aims to provide customers with an unparalleled selection of today’s fashion. From the everyday tee to that unique dress, Ninth targets to please women of all ages looking for that special something.

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Set Apart

Founded by two sisters, Jaclyn and Michelle, whom both shared undying passion for fashion.

The meaning behind the name of set apart means to be distinguished, distinct, to stand out when compared to someone else. That's what the owners aspire for girls who shop at our shop!

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Scarlet by Letroisbella

Scarlet is the creation label of Letroisbella for the stylish trend fashionista. The elegance and unique design by a veteran designer showcase the confidence of each individual. Every design is exclusively tailored made with clean and minimum finishes. Quality assurance is what we provide for our clients. Besides the creation of our label Scarlet, we also provide clothes with casual and elegance styles to cater to the fashionista at an affordable price range.

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Lightning Cherry 

Aiming to bring a fresh outlook to your outfit and wardrobe that is suitable for everyone young and old. They believe in bringing in unique designs with limited quantity so all of you enjoy exclusivity! They occasionally go out and beyond to source for new ideas to bring you an exotic flavor we know you'll love. Lightning Cherry wants to be the first in bringing you a new perspective in fashion.

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Apparel Archive 

Offering a range of all things vintage; this includes outfits (tops, dresses, skirts), bags, earrings and also shades! Each outfit and bags sold are one of a kind and has only one piece available! Besides this, each outfit is handpicked meticulously so that it not only brings out the vintage feel but is also unique and wearable for ladies out there!









Angst Child

Angst Child is a local label founded by Yen. Our vision is to bring affordable designs to the masses which is why most of our products are original designs by our founder. Wear an angst child tee and be a part of the art.

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Rainy Prints

Rainy Print objective is aim to provide customers with essential decorative items that would enhance the appearance of their home, workplaces, store and anywhere else.




Sick of gun handle mugs, camera lens cup and other mass produced products? 

Wult brings in items that brings back valuable memories, items that are worth collecting which have actual investment value and gifts that serves a purpose and also they are all in limited quantity!

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