What is #sims ?

SIMS is our trademark sales event held every 3 months, where we feature fashion from our internal blogshops at crazy affordable prices!!! We also invite popular blogshops and bloggers to sell their clothes, so that fans of Space Invasion can come together, have fun and renew their wardrobes on a regular basis!!! (: 



More than 30 blogshops have joined us for #SIMS so far! Some featured blogshops include Wonderstellar, The Style Mafia, Elly Sage, Lightning Cherry, ANGST CHILD, Ninth Store, La La Land and more!!!


Bloggers are also invited and have a blast at #SIMS (: Some bloggers who have joined us previously include: Miyake, Marx Mae, Valerie Wang, Lindsay, Brenda, Szes and more (:


#SIMS has also been made a smashing success due to our kind and lovely sponsors <3


But why see our epic event through pictures? Why not come down and experience this mega sale for yourself!


upcoming - #sims6sg

Watch this space for updates!



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