#DaeBakSale is Back!

For those who missed out the first time, fret not because... We're BACK for a second round of #DaeBakSale!!!

You can expect to shop from the wardrobes of bloggers like Hayley Woo (@hayleystitch), Clarissa Tan (@clarissathm), Eileen Ng (@certifiedlove),  Wen Wen (@notesofroses) and more!

Blogshop labels like Elly Sage, Lightning Cherry, The White Carousel will be joining the sale as well, so get ready to shop for their featured products!


This time round, we will be launching a new GRAB BAG SPECIAL!! :)

You can preorder your Grab Bag for a discounted price of $5 only! Simply follow the instructions stated above :) If you miss the preorder, the Grab Bag will be available for $8 on sale day, so hurry and get yours NOW!

So mark your calendars on the 22nd, and be prepared for an epic time at #DaeBakSale :)

Space Invasion Mega Sales 4


Save the dates: 28th and 29th March

Has it been so long?! We are currently preparing for the fourth Space Invasion Mega Sale at our Flagship Store at The Cathay! We have many contests in collaboration with our sponsors: 

If you spend $100 and above in a single receipt, you will receive a pair of Lost Singapore passes! Now we know how fun it is to spend time solving puzzles with your friends!

Cleo Magazine will be sponsoring magazines for our shoppers!!! 

Win a staycation with Parc Sovereign Hotel - Tyrwhitt! Like, share and comment on the Parc Sovereign post on our Facebook and Instagram!

Stand a chance to win exclusive Space Invasion skins sponsored by Barely Naked :) 

For our anchor tenant, Ellysage will be bring tons of clothes for you to shop and choose from! Make sure to get your kaching$ ready! ;)

We have several in-house tenants who will be joining us for SIMS4! And they are... 


So expect great discounts this time round! Many accessories and items for you to choose from :)

Besides our in-house tenants, we have invited several external blogshops to join us for this sale! Expect past-collection items to be sold from as low as $5!

Acid Clothing.png
Dip and Roll.png

We're all looking forward to meeting the bloggers and influencers right? Some of them will be coming down to have a look during SIMS4 itself so you might actually get to catch them and have a chat or even a photo! We have influencers from Wahbanana and Night Owl Cinematics! And of course, bloggers with visually attractive Instagram feeds! (You know who we're talking about! ;)


If you haven't already done so, take part in our VIP Pass contest! :) And follow the blogshops and influencers for more updates too! 

Take note, the official hashtag for the event is


Venue: Space Invasion - 2 Handy Road, #03-15/16
Time: 1pm - 6pm
Date: 28th and 29th March 2015

How to shop on budget during festive season?

The title says it all! Since Valentine Day and Chinese New Year is around the corner, how do you exactly shop within budget during these festive seasons?

                                                          Credit: www.fieldstonealliance.org

                                                          Credit: www.fieldstonealliance.org

We all love the high we get when we purchase something we like and we get to add new stuffs to our wardrobe! However, if you don't always shop wisely, it can put a huge dent in your pocket. Sometimes, you really don't have to break your bank to get what you want! :) Here's the tips!

1. Never pay full price

Always be aware which labels are having sales. A very good example would be at F Supermarket! Many labels are having crazy sales with new collections that were all being stocked up on their individual racks right now!!! 

From causal wear to office wear to dating outfits. F Supermarket have it all ready for you! Do remember to check with our girls which are the labels that are offering good deals. ;) They will be more than willing to answer and assist you!

2. Use coupons.

Unlike blogshops, Space Invasion doesn't have an online store for all of you to shop. When you are shopping online, you ought to search and check for discount coupons/codes in order to save some money. However, Space Invasion's "coupon" is so much easier to use.  All you need to do is to follow us on Instagram (@spaceinvasionsg) OR like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/spaceinvasionsg) to get a 5% off when you shop at Space Invasion!

                                                            PROMO ENDS ON FEBRUARY 18!

                                                            PROMO ENDS ON FEBRUARY 18!

By following us, you will be able to get first hand updates when labels stock up new collections or when there's promotions going on. On top of that, there are daily outfit inspirations for all of you! 

3. Always check the clearance and sales racks.

Have you all check out our last chance racks that are located near our cashier area? If you have not, YOU ARE LOSING OUT!! 

That's right! You should totally grab it before it's gone because you will be able to find labels like Ellysage and Shop6by6 on our sales racks! Ellysage's sales items are going at $14.90 & $19.90 and Shop6by6's sales items are going as low as $5 and nothing above $15!! They are ALL BRAND NEW so why not???

So remember to pay us a visit at our flagship store @ The Cathay as well as our popup store @ Bugis Cube!! :) 

Space Invasion
The Cathay, 2 Handy Road #03-15/16 Singapore 229233
Operating hours:
Sunday to Thursday - 12noon to 10pm,
Friday & Saturday - 12noon to 11pm

F Supermarket
Bugis Cube, Level 6
470 North Bridge Road Singapore 408936 
Operating hours:

Monday to Sunday - 12noon to 10pm daily

#OOTD Inspiration

It's the last day of the year and we are here to inspire you with different outfits for different occasions! 

Credit: http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/keep-calm-its-shopping-time/

Credit: http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/keep-calm-its-shopping-time/

We all love that high we get when we find something we love and we get to add something new to our wardrobe! At times, it gets so addictive that it's so hard to stop! 

We're not here to stop you anyway. In fact, we encourage you because if you have it, then don't be afraid to flaunt it with different outfits. 

Christmas Outfit

 Wearing red or green on Christmas is just too mainstream isn't it? Dare to be different from others by wearing colours that has got nothing to do with Christmas theme colours! You would definitely stand out from the crowd! Trust us!

  White Cut-in Top - @ninthstore ($27) Mint Green Pencil Skirt - @SetApartStore ($32.90) Travel Kit Brushes - @13rushes ($75) Round Clutch - @abmonlineshop Pocket Mirror - @tyvm_ ($5) Statement Necklace - @AndyLabelOfficial ($39.90)


White Cut-in Top - @ninthstore ($27)
Mint Green Pencil Skirt - @SetApartStore ($32.90)
Travel Kit Brushes - @13rushes ($75)
Round Clutch - @abmonlineshop
Pocket Mirror - @tyvm_ ($5)
Statement Necklace - @AndyLabelOfficial ($39.90)

Countdown Party/Clubbing Outfit

It's not an ordinary Wednesday today! Other than the usual ladies night, it's also the last day of 2014! It calls for a countdown party to welcome 2015!! For party animals, you ought to look at your best, party/celebrate hard and end the year with a bang!! 

Show your curves by revealing a little of your waist. Not too revealing, not too conservative. Just right for a party that last whole night with your friends. :)   

Blue Speg Top - @ashincans ($22.90) Black Velvet Skirt - @ninthstore ($32) Statement Necklace - @AndyLabelOfficial ($35.90) Brown Handbag - @Ellysage ($24.90)

Blue Speg Top - @ashincans ($22.90)
Black Velvet Skirt - @ninthstore ($32)
Statement Necklace - @AndyLabelOfficial ($35.90)
Brown Handbag - @Ellysage ($24.90)

Home Party Outfit

Not a party animal? Prefer to stay at home and welcome the new year with your loves one? It's okay! We have it for you as well! 

Shades - @statementmuse ($14.90) Reflective Black Flare Skort - @shop6by6 ($29) Red Knitted Cardigan - @ashincans ($31.90) Cream White Crop Top - @Ellysage ($14.90) NY Navy Cap - @abmonlineshop ($25.90)

Shades - @statementmuse ($14.90)
Reflective Black Flare Skort - @shop6by6 ($29)
Red Knitted Cardigan - @ashincans ($31.90)
Cream White Crop Top - @Ellysage ($14.90)
NY Navy Cap - @abmonlineshop ($25.90)

Casual yet pretty enough to celebrate the last day of the year! Don't forget to dress well all the time! ;) 

All items featured are available at Space Invasion (The Cathay).  Hurry down now to shop it away before it's gone! Stay tuned to this space for more #ootd inspiration from our pop-up store; F Supermarket! 

Space Invasion hereby wishing all of you an advanced Happy New Year!! Have a great year ahead!! :D 


Missed out on our previous 2 Mega Sales? Fret not! Here comes our third one that is happening THIS COMING 20TH AND 21ST DECEMBER!!!!   

We are different this time round!!! We are BIGGER in terms of space because we have 2 units of spaces for you to shop! We have MORE blogshops that would be joining us! 

The sale houses many different labels, blogshops and bloggers' items. We offer a huge assortment of accessories other than necklaces. Sunglasses, bracelets, watches, bags and tons of clothes! You name it, we have it!

As usual, our anchor tenant Ellysage would be bringing down tons of clothes for all of you to shop away! 

We have our in house tenants like Ninthstore, Lalaland, Wonderstellar, Shop6by6, SetApart, Lightning Cherry and many more!

We've also invited other blogshops like Shoplastbusride, Modelle, Kissablebella and many more to join us in this crazy sales! Items going as low as $5!!

Most importantly, you would be able to find some of your favourite bloggers' apparels!! Bloggers like Audrey (@sparrowonweed), Miyake (@ngmiyake), Dora (@dorasoh), Valerie (@valerie_wang) and many more! Come on down and join us in this mega sales to find out which blogshops and bloggers are participating in this event! See it with your own eyes!

In addition, we have grab bags for shoppers with no minimum spending required! We are happy to have Snail White and Mentholatum as our Sponsors!


Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist


F Supermarket

Good news everybody!!!! Another pop-up store, F Supermarket powered by Space Invasion is coming your way!! 

In F Supermarket, we aspire to allow shoppers to shop by categories instead of shopping by labels just like shopping in supermarket! Labels like Ellysage, Chickisslove, SetApart, TheClosetLover and many more other blogshops will be joining us!

We would also be inviting different influencers every week to sell of their items in F Supermarket. 

F Supermarket would be having a soft launch on 30th November at 2pm. Bloggers like Melissa (@melissaaamomo), Wenhui (@lovethekisses), Xin Lin (@xinlinnn), Emily (@emmtann) etc would be joining us in this opening! 

Shoppers are welcome to join us at F Supermarket on 30th November after 3pm! You might just be able to catch the bloggers!! :) 


The following are the launch details:
F Supermarket
Date: 30th November (Sunday)
Venue: Bugis Cube, level 6.  
470, North Bridge Road, Singapore 408936

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Hey Invaders!

Mother's Day is around the corner, 2 more days actually! 

Yes.. 2 days! Have you gotten any present for your dear mother to show her how much you appreciate her?

This is how much your mother loves you! 

This is how much your mother loves you! 

Do continue reading on as Space Invasion has a giveaway for you to celebrate Mother's Day!

Below are top picks gifts from Space Invasion:

1) Pouch from Pleatation

Unique pouch for your mother to put her phone and some cash and even a pouch to store her tissue! These unique pleats from Pleatation are more than just a design for fashion. 

"We believe everyone deserves a style that transcends fashion, the home and everyday living. We believe in all these and more, for you. That's why we focus on deconstructing and reconstructing each product, to rebirth it for the perfectly pleated touch."

Credits: www.pleatation.com

Big pouch $35, Small pouch $25, Tissue pouch $19, Versalit bloom brooch clip $15.90

Big pouch $35, Small pouch $25, Tissue pouch $19, Versalit bloom brooch clip $15.90

2) Shawls from Pleatation

Every mother loves handmade stuff! This so soft and also crumple-free so who needs an iron! You can get this for your dear mum and she'll definitely feel your warmth (: 

Classic/la fleur/mushroom/mirage series shawls $29, Luxe/blossom series shawls $35, Versalit bloom brooch clip $15.90 

Classic/la fleur/mushroom/mirage series shawls $29, Luxe/blossom series shawls $35, Versalit bloom brooch clip $15.90 

3) Pop-up Cards

Want to thank her and say I love you but too shy to tell her face to face? Writing a card is a good method to express what you want to tell her!

Thanks card & Love cards - $6 each(UON)

Thanks card & Love cards - $6 each(UON)

4) Statement Necklaces

Necklaces are essential to match with every outfit if they are plain. These statement necklaces are unique and intricate, definitely versatile pieces!

Necklaces $12.90 each

Necklaces $12.90 each

5) Outfit

How about getting her a new outfit? Space Invasion has so many different styles to choose from! I'm sure there is one that suits your mother! 

Leopard prints clutch - $15 (TLX) ,Classy dress - $44.50 (P.I.N.K), Shades - $12.90 (@statementmuse), Bangle - 3 for $5 (@chiffonsg), Pearl earrings - $5.90 (@chiffonsg)

Leopard prints clutch - $15 (TLX) ,Classy dress - $44.50 (P.I.N.K), Shades - $12.90 (@statementmuse), Bangle - 3 for $5 (@chiffonsg), Pearl earrings - $5.90 (@chiffonsg)

Agragrami is having Mother's Day Special! 15% off whole rack & prices shown are before discount!

Agragrami is having Mother's Day Special! 15% off whole rack & prices shown are before discount!

Yellow flutter sleeved top - $27, Peplum skirt - $31, Statement necklace - $23 (@lalalandsg), Duo pocket black bag - $49.90 (ABM)

Yellow flutter sleeved top - $27, Peplum skirt - $31, Statement necklace - $23 (@lalalandsg), Duo pocket black bag - $49.90 (ABM)

Tadaaaaa....! That's our top 5 picks for Space Invasion! I'm sure you can pick out more gifts for your mother at Space Invasion!

& yes, last but not least.. MOTHER'S DAY GIVEAWAY!

Stand a chance to win $50 Space Invasion Shopping Vouchers & $50 TCC Dining Vouchers!

Steps to win:

1) Follow @SpaceInvasionSG
2) Hashtag a photo of yourself with your mum/ god-mother/ fairy god-mother (LOL)/ motherly figure in your life, with #SIMDgiveaway
Winner of the giveaway will be announced on 9th May!